Brand: Yamaha


Model: U1J


Age: 3 year old


Height: 121 cm (exam model)


Condition of Piano: 9/10


Short Description of Piano: Rarely used by previous owner. Well maintained. Crisp piano sound. Light touch. Suitable for exam practise.

Yamaha U1J

  • 1. Piano

    2. Free heater including installation

    3. Free piano bench

    4. Free piano keyboard anti-dust cloth (only when manual payment is selected at Checkout)

    5. Free castor cups (only when manual payment is selected at Checkout)

    6. *Free delivery

    7. *Free 1 on-site tuning

    8. *Free 1-year warranty

    9. *Guaranteed trade-in at 60%-80% value within 3 years

    10. *Guaranteed buy-back at 50% value within 3 years

    *Terms and conditions apply.

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