Brand: Karl Schonberg


Model: KU-131


Age: 9 years old


Height: 131 cm (exam model)


Condition of Piano: 9/10


Short Description of Piano: Tall upright grand, capable of producing broad sounds. German brand with clear piano sound. Piano fully functional and in very good condition for use. Perfect for graded examination preparation.

Karl Schonberg KU-131

  • 1. Piano

    2. Free heater including installation

    3. Free piano bench

    4. Free piano keyboard anti-dust cloth (only when manual payment is selected at Checkout)

    5. Free castor cups (only when manual payment is selected at Checkout)

    6. *Free delivery

    7. *Free 1 on-site tuning

    8. *Free 1-year warranty

    9. *Guaranteed trade-in at 60%-80% value within 3 years

    10. *Guaranteed buy-back at 50% value within 3 years

    *Terms and conditions apply.

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