The Pros & Cons of a Used Piano

A piano is no cheap instrument, which is why the market for used pianos is generally larger than brand new ones. The instrument itself can last for decades too if well taken care of. That is why many buyers sought after second-hand pianos as the quality doesn't diminish as fast and would still be usable for a couple more years. Before buying a used piano, here are some pros & cons to owning a used piano.

Pros :

1. Generally cheaper

The prices for second-hand instruments are generally cheaper. Brand new ones can go up to tens of thousands of dollars, which is a rather hefty price. Especially if you are only considering learning piano as a hobby, getting a used piano is much more worth, considering its price tag.

2. Quality ages well

As mentioned before, a piano's lifespan doesn't diminish easily. Well-maintained pianos can last for decades. As long as there are no major damages, repairs can be done and the quality of the piano has potential to be as good as new!

3. Used Pianos don't depreciate in value

Buying a brand new piano right now and selling it off in the future can result in a loss as its value will depreciate. However, used pianos have little to no risk in losing its value. If you plan or perhaps, foresee a chance of selling the used piano in the future, you don't have to worry about selling it at a lesser price than when you bought it!

Cons :

1. No warranty

Since it is a second-hand piano, it does not include a warranty. If something major happens to the instrument, you would not know how much it would take to repair the damage.

2. Untuned and unpolished

A used piano may be untuned and therefore would require professional technicians to tune it. This could incur extra costs, however, tuning only needs to be done twice a year after that! The surface of the piano may also appear dull, however polish is not hard to come by, and its definitely worth polishing the used piano over purchasing a brand new one!


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