How to Buy a Used Piano

When it comes to buying a used piano, there are certain things you should look out for. As compared to purchasing a first-hand piano, deciding on which used piano you should buy can be a little more difficult in certain aspects. However, this should not deter you from buying a second-hand piano! There are plenty of used pianos still in good quality that can also provide an enriching musical experience. It is not a must to follow all these guidelines but it is highly encouraged to ensure a satisfactory purchase.

1. Types of Piano

Before going to the showcase room, ask yourself what kind of piano you are looking for. For example, grand pianos & upright pianos each have their own unique features that cater to a certain audience. Grand pianos are larger and more expensive, usually designed for professional musicians, particularly those who play classical or jazz music. Upright pianos, on the other hand, are a favourite of music students and are commonly used in schools and institutions.

2. Piano Brands

Each piano brand usually have something that set themselves apart from other brands. The touch, feel and connection you have for a certain piano brand can be different from others. Different sounds and tones can also be heard from across various piano brands. Some of the most popular brands are Yamaha and Kawai. To research which brand is to your liking, you should go down to the showcase room and try playing various pianos before deciding on your purchase.

3. Inspection

Of course, no one wants to make a purchase only to find out that certain things aren't working out later on. After all, buying a piano, used or not, is an investment and no small purchase at all. So, do remember to check if the piano is in good condition. At Piano Mall, all of our used pianos have been assessed by technicians. Rest assured, our pianos are reliable pianos!

4. Ask Questions

Before making your big purchase, you might to ask the seller these questions:

- Who was the previous owner?

- Why did they decide to sell this piano?

- How old is this piano?

- How often was this piano played?

The answers to these questions can gauge how good of a condition the piano is in. And it could ask make or break your decision of the purchase.

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