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Reliable Used Pianos for Every Home

Offering curation of only the best pianos at affordable prices, we’ve been helping people turn their musical dreams into realities. Check out our inventory to find what you’re looking for or make an appointment to start shopping. It’s that simple!

Why Choose Us?

Only Local Sets

All used pianos are sourced locally. Strictly no imports. With pianos already acclimatized to local climate, it means you are getting a piano that is guaranteed to have consistent sound quality.

Free Warranty*

To inspire confidence in our selection of used pianos, all piano purchases come with 1 year on-site warranty.

Stringent selection

Worried about the condition of used pianos? Fret not. Every single piano has been assessed by our professional technicians so that you will only have good quality pianos to choose from.


We do our best to source for reliable yet affordable pianos, so that the cost savings can be passed on to you.

Guaranteed Trade-in*

If you're looking to upgrade your piano within 3 years from previous piano purchase at Piano Mall, you can trade-in at guaranteed 60%-80% value.

Guaranteed Buy-back*

If you're looking to dispose off your piano within 3 years from previous piano purchase at Piano Mall, we buy-back from you at guaranteed 50% value.


All available pianos are listed on our online store, which means you can browse and shop entirely online. Have your favorite piano delivered at your doorstep within a few clicks.

No-frills Purchase

Here at Piano Mall, we believe in providing honest products and services. Simply, what you see is what you get, what we promise is what we deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you have a showroom?"


Yes we do! It's located at BizHub 28 near Chai Chee. However, visit to the showroom is strictly by appointment as we may not be around all the time. Feel free to book your viewing time slot here :)

"Is there any difference between buying the piano online and buying at the showroom?"

There is no difference at all. In terms of product, it's exactly the same piano which you will be getting. In fact, you will be going through the same process of online purchasing even if you are present at the showroom. Essentially, the showroom is only a place for piano viewings and there is no physical point-of-sale system.

"What payment modes are accepted?"

You can pay either by credit card or PayNow (by selecting Manual Payment). We do not accept cash payments. Since PayNow is our preferred method, we will be giving a set of pedal socksfree piano castor cups and a free keyboard anti-dust cloth cover for every piano purchase paid using PayNow :)

"Is there free tuning included?"

Yes, every piano will be tuned once at the showroom and once more on-site around 2-3 days after delivery to let piano settle in.

"Is delivery included?"

Yes, island-wide delivery is included. However, there may be additional costs if stairs are involved.

"Do you deliver internationally?"

We only deliver within Singapore at the moment. Sorry about that!